Beetle Bank Social Farm

About The Project

Beetle Bank Social Farm is a initiative to raise awareness of people living with dementia.

Established in 2017.

They are a sustainable not for profit organisation that supports people living with dementia and other long term health conditions. Their aim is to provide an opportunity to be outdoors and to spend a meaningful day involved in the running of a farm in Murton, York.

My Mission

I had the opportunity to use my skills to go to this farm and help them raise awareness about dementia, and what they provide by capturing the things the people do, such as feeding the animals at the farm, giving them water, and just general animal care for them as a part of their therapeutic use of farming practises.

This was a great experience for me to help a good cause.

"Matthew has been such a great and useful resource for us. He has come down to our service numerous times and captured many wonderful images which have really helped professionalise our online image. The quality of his photos are very good technically of course, but more importantly. Matt has an ability to capture the humanity and essence of our work and that is so valuable".

Justin Mazzotta/Director Group Facilitator

Beetlebank Social Farm