Helping Good Causes Through Images

My Current Projects

I enjoyed taking photos of 'people in action' before I got into helping good causes. There is something interesting about capturing a specific moment before it is over, it allows them to have memories that are forever.

My first good cause was Beetle Farm where I helped capture images of people with dementia trying to improve their cognitive decline by doing associated motor skills tasks such as pushing wheel barrows and feeding and caring for animals.

After I did that first project I liked it so much I wanted to help more people.

Here at eagle eye is where I can make the magic happen, I am an elusive and creative photographer.

I am so committed to helping good causes that I will try my best to transform your idea into images.

If you have a project in mind get in touch. I'm the right person for your next idea.


"Matthew has been such a great and useful resource for us. He has come down to our service numerous times and captured many wonderful images which have really helped professionalise our online image. The quality of his photos are very good technically of course, but more importantly. Matt has an ability to capture the humanity and essence of our work and that is so valuable."

Justin Mazzotta/Director Group Facilitator

Beetlebank Social Farm


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