City Screen Art Exhibition

City Screen Exhibition

As part of my ongoing venture to gain exposure for my photos I attend a company called United Response. They helped me and other people who attend this service to have their work shown. The people who organised this behind the scenes made our dream come true.

Below you can see the photos that I exhibited on the wall from 'The Magical Abbey' at fountain abbey. The grey crown crane in a portrait I called 'Punk Rocker'. A gannet taking off in a still ocean that I like to call 'Take off'  from the patterns in the water. And finally, a bee flying from flower to flower doing his job for the queen bee. I used a micro lens and was trying to get him flying off see his wings in motion. I call this 'A bees work is never done' .

Launch Evening at City Screen

We had a launch evening where we all got to show our work to the public and our families and friends to showcase our talents.

I got to sell some of my photography that day and so did many others, it was successful evening for all!

Here's what people from UR have to say...

”I love working with Matthew, he is so talented and professional. He is an inspiration for me and many of our learners.

His photography blows me away and his positive attitude has been so helpful while organising this project.”

-Isabel Bullon-

Job Coach at United Response/Exhibition Organiser

”Matthew is a dedicated professional with a keen key for detail.

It has been a joy working with him, his work ethic is second to none; he goes the extra mile to make sure his work is finished to a high standard”

- Michelle Gracias-

Manager at United Response